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Time-lapse and Stop Motion 

August 2009 to Present 


A Strawberry Turning



Strawberry, Blackberries and Raspberries Decomposing in a Petri Dish - Time-lapse



Compost Heap, a 39 Day Time-lapse



Decomposing Jack-O-Lantern in Compost Heap, Time-lapse



Compost Cam Time-lapse



Arkansas Rice Field Harvest - Time-lapse



Arkansas Travelers vs. Springfield Cardinals in Time-lapse on 7/28/10 - HD



Arkansas Travelers vs. Springfield Cardinals in Time-lapse 7/29/10



Animated Rotary Nystagmus During a Claymation Dix-Hallpike Test for BPPV



Human Clayvolution - Stop Motion



Chicago Morning Sky from the Palmer House - Time-lapse



Stop Motion, Green Screen Test - Mannequin Walking Along Chicago Lakeshore



Miramar Beach Moonrise, Moonset and Cloudy Day, Time-lapse with Fisheye Lens



Growing Soybeans and Cecropia Moth Eclosure, Time-lapse



Cecropia Moth Eclosure, Time-lapse



Amaryllis Growing, Flowering, and Decaying - Time-lapse



Dandelion Clock Opening and Flower Closing - Time-lapse




Here is a 768x576 version of the Arkansas River video, 60mb




Fruit and Vegetable Decompostion in 74 days Time-lapse



Common Housefly from Egg to Adult in 14 Days - Time-lapse




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